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What’s coming up in 2015

9th January Pet Sense Be responsible for the daily care of a pet (1 month for mini badge/ 3 months Achievement badge)
23rd January Worm Control To understand the main worms affecting hoses, how we manage worm burdens in horses and ponies and most effective ways of doing this
6th March Equipment Safety To be able to assess the suitability for use of Riding Hats, Body Protectors, rider footwear and tack
20th March Bandaging & Rugs Practice putting bandages and rugs on
17th April Working Dogs To be able to identify any 12 breeds of working dogs and know which field they are traditionally used
1st May Handling & Groom To be able to run a pony up in hand, and to tie it up safely. Also know how to identify and use the grooming equipment correctly
15th May Plaiting To know when to and how to plait up
12th June Feeding a Pony Learn the basic rules of feeding and watering of a pony
26th June Feeding a Pony Learn the different types of food for a pony and make a pony feed cake!
10th July Farming Learn about farming in the local area
4th September Tack & Turnout competition Have fun getting your ponies looking smart for the ‘horse-walk’!
18th September Lunging Have a go at being lunged on a pony! (a short ridden session)
2nd October Bird watching Learn about native bird breeds
16th October Revision Preparation and revision for Progressive tests
13th November Fundraising Night Fundraising night for Children in Need
27th November Stargazing A fun night looking at the stars and eating marshmallows!
11th December Christmas party FUN!!

PLEASE NOTE: There will be a £5 discount for bookings and full payment for the full term in advance.

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Pony Club Badge Homework

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* 28th June 2013 Tack and Turnout Competition *

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Pony Club Exam Results - 7th June 2012

E Test  D Test
Georgia Sorby Charlotte Jackson
Ravenn Cook Ellie Sorby
D+ Test Farrah Cook
Chloe Spence-Grey Evie-Rose Burnside
Sarah Curtis Remy-Leigh Plant

Click here to down load the Pony Club Exam Results in PDF Format